ID Travels

ID Travels takes you on a journey across Europe to hear experiences from youth workers who create inclusive international youth projects.

How to start with inclusive international youth work? Where do you find the right partners, how do you create an inclusive environment, or what do you have to take into account for inclusive dissemination? The Strategic Partnership for Inclusion travelled around Europe to collect inspiration, tips, and tricks from youth workers that implemented projects in Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. Watch the videos or read the one-pagers to discover their insights.

Available ID Travels

  • Inclusion in international youth work (videopdf)
  • Getting started with inclusion (videopdf)
  • Strong partnerships in inclusive international youth projects (video, pdf)
  • Financial aspects of inclusion (video, pdf)

Soon available

We're launching all ID Travels from May 2024 - July 2024. The next ID Travel will focus on participatory creation of inclusive international youth projects. The other topics are:

  • Addressing barriers of young people with fewer opportunities
  • Creating a representative team
  • Capacity building for your team
  • Inclusive communication
  • Inclusive programme design
  • Facing challenges in inclusive international youth projects
  • Inclusive evaluation processes
  • Learning in inclusive international youth projects
  • Inclusive dissemination strategies

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