SALTO TC Inclusion through Sports 2004

How to use sports and outdoor pedagogics as an educational tool to include young people with fewer opportunities in YOUTH programme projects

TC Inclusion through Sports was organized twice within the frame of the European Year of Education through Sports.

Dates & Venue

  • from 29 March to 4 April 2004
  • from  24 to 30 May 2004

Both courses took place in a seminar centre in Deinze, Belgium.


The SALTO Inclusion through Sports Training Course aimed to explore and develop the use of sports and outdoor activities as a pedagogical tool for the work with young people with fewer oppurtunities in the European YOUTH Programme. The course had a look at Sports as a door to non-formal educational work with young people with fewer opportunities.

Outcomes and Impact

Fit for Life booklet

A direct outcome from the course is the SALTO Fit for Life booklet. It gives you a taste of how to use Sports as a tool for inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities - even if you did not have the chance to participate in the course (more here).

Impact of the Courses

The participants were asked 6 months after the course, what impact the SALTO TC Inclusion through Sports had on their work and on them personally: 23% of participants wrote that the SALTO Inclusion through Sports course had a big impact on their youth work, 40% said it had a medium impact and 31% indicated a small impact. Only 6% (3 participants) did not answer or did not see any impact. 86% of participants also felt an impact on their personal lives because of their participation in the course .

40% of participants (20 pax) created YOUTH programme projects at or as a result of this course, and 10% (5 pax) started inclusion projects outside the European YOUTH programme. 40% of participants found new partners at the TC Inclusion through Sports.

Multiplier Effect

As for multiplying, 74% of participants said to have (re)-used methods that were used/learned at the training course within their own work. 88% of participants passed on the information/documentation of the TC Inclusion through Sports to their own organisation and colleagues, but also 50% of participants spread the info and documentation to other (youth) organisations. 76% of participants were in contact with their YOUTH National Agency/Coordinator after the course (to pass on information, provide a report, set up future cooperation,…)


On each SALTO Inclusion through Sports course there were 25 participants (50 places in total). Participants of the first course came from 16 different countries (11 men and 14 women). In the second course 17 different countries participated (18 men and 7 women).

Team of Trainers

  • Kathy Schroeder (F, Netherlands, trainer)
  • Zilvinas Gaulius (M, Lithuania, trainer)
  • Ansgar Bueter-Menke (M, Germany, trainer)
  • Tony Geudens (M, Belgium Fl, coordinating)
  • Ann Hendriks (M, Belgium Fl, coordinating)
  • Tine Van Roy (M, Belgium Fl, coordinating)

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