SALTO TC Rainbow 2005

A Training Course for youth workers (social workers, peer educators,...) working with gay, lesbian, bi, and trans/cross youth (symbolised by the rainbow) - about how to use the European YOUTH programme as a tool to reach a higher acceptance, visibility and inclusion of this target group.

This course was organised in cooperation with the Romanian National Agency - Ansit.

Dates & Venue

  • from 19 to 25 October 2005, Brasov, Romania


The SALTO Rainbow Training Course aimed to increase the use of the European YOUTH programme in the youth work with young people from different sexual orientations and gender identities (lesbian, gay, bi, trans = LGBT youth).

Outcomes and Impact

Over the Rainbow booklet

A direct outcome of the SALTO TC Rainbow is the "Over the Rainbow" booklet - which is a manual on how to set up international projects with LesBiGay youth.

Link to all tools from the TC Rainbow

The Multiplying Effect: one course leads to many projects

We implemented the SALTO Evaluation system of pre, post & follow up questionnaires (more about this here). This showed a large impact of the course, even after 6 months.

  • there were over 30 project ideas and proposals that were launched at the TC Rainbow (for 23 participants!)
  • 6 months after the course this number increased to 35 projects (by 15 of 23 participants who returned the follow-up questionnaire - so we could assume there are more)
  • 6 of those 35 projects (6 months after the course) were already completed, 20 received funding
  • and 9 were in the process of applying for funding
  • 90% of those projects involved partners or organisations they met at the SALTO TC Rainbow - this shows the big networking value of SALTO training courses.
  • 78% of participants (re-)used methods and resources they received at the SALTO TC Rainbow.
  • As for spreading info, resources, ideas: ALL participants (100%) said they spread the course info within their own organisation(s), 80% indicate they reported to their National Agency and 53% also spread the info & resources to other organisations.
  • The course didn't stop at the last day of the TC. 93% received support for their project ideas from their own organisation and the same percentage (93%) felt supported by SALTO Inclusion after the course. The group of peers was also a big support (via the yahoogroup that was set up after the course) for 87% of participants. 60% felt supported by their National Agency after the TC Rainbow.

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In this course 23 youth workers from 16 different countries (11 female - 12 male) participated.

Team of Trainers

  • Reka Incze (F, Netherlands-Romanian, trainer)
  • Kristi Jüristo (F, Estonia, trainer)
  • Pascal Hildebert (M, Belgium-French, trainer)
  • Tony Geudens (M, Belgium Fl, coordinating)

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The following downloads are available:

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