SALTO TC No Offence 2006

A Training Course for youth workers (social workers, peer educators,...) working with young ex-offenders, offenders who are currently in prison or youth at risk of offending - about how to use the European YOUTH programme as a tool to create meaningful projects for this target group.

Dates & Venue

  • This course took place in Belgium (Oostduinkerke) from 4 till 10 of April 2006.


The SALTO No Offence Training Course aimed to increase the use of the European YOUTH programme in the youth work with young ex-offenders, young people in prison and young people at risk of offending.


No Offence Booklet

One of the direct outcomes of the TC No Offence was the No Offence booklet based on the Training Course. This way youth workers that did not have the chance to participate in the course can still benefit from the methods and content developed in the TC No Offence

Some of the project ideas from the No Offence Course

  • Adventure Camp - UK/Estonia/Ireland - Summer 2007
  • Youth Exchange 'Popeye' - 7 days exchange on a ship -
  • Multi-lateral in Norway (Norway/Italy/Baltic country/southern country/UK or Ireland) - Summer 2007
  • Youth exchange young educators working with youngsters at risk of offending in Bulgaria - Bulgaria/Cyprus- 7 days programme - Summer 2006
  • Action 3 Networking - Film making (semi-professional - youngsters guided by professionals) about life in prison in the 3 countries - Estonia/Spain/UK - Start Summer 2006
  • Study visit: Co-operation with police and other organisations - Ireland - Lithuania/Italy/Ireland/Portugal - September 2006
  • Job shadowing project between Ireland and Portugal (working with families)
  • Organising a training course in the UK about the methodology of Street Beatz (see previous project)


In total 65 participants applied. 25 participants from 13 different countries were selected (21 from EU/EFTA, 18 female - 7 male).

Team of Trainers

  • Claire Brown (F, UK, trainer)
  • Ully Enn (F, Estonia, trainer)
  • Paul Kloosterman (M, Netherland, trainer)
  • Ann Hendriks (F, Belgium Fl, coordinating)
  • Tine Van Roy(F, Belgium Fl, coordinating)

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