SALTO TC Enable 2003

Enabling young people with disabilities to take part in mixed ability YOUTH projects. How to integrate young people with disabilities in YOUTH programme projects?

Dates & Venue

This same course took place twice in Spring 2003, within the frame of the European Year of the Disabled.

  • from 30 March to 6 April 2003
  • from 4 to 11 May 2003

Both courses took place in Lucenec, Slovakia and were made possible with the logistical support of the Slovak National Agency for YOUTH.


The SALTO Enable Training Course aimed to enable (more) young people with disabilities to take part in YOUTH programme projects and to stimulate mixed ability youth work.


No Barriers No Borders booklet

One of the very concrete outcomes of the SALTO TC Enable training course is the booklet "No Barriers, No Borders" about setting up international mixed ability projects. This allows other youth workers than only the participants to have access to the ideas, methods and reflections of the course! (more here)

TC Enable Projects

Part of the SALTO TC Enable 2003 was dedicated to setting up and getting experience with mixed ability projects within the YOUTH programme. So after the course, participants (of both courses) came up with 35 projects (6 months after the course) of which 21 are granted/completed.

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Course Documentation

For the first time, the documentation of a SALTO course was directly uploaded in an easy-access online Toolbox for Training, contributing to an ever growing training resource online.

Find a list of training tools used at the TC Enable here.

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Effects of TC Enable

An email from Slovenia (july 04) - the feedback we got from participant from the TC Enable, more than one year after the course:

Dear SALTO Inclusion!

Remember Barbara from Slovenia? After the SALTO TC Enable 2003 in Lucenec many things happened to me. I think you would be proud... it all started because of the SALTO TC Enable in April 2003. Before I didn't know anything about the Youth Programme, but now ... I am an expert ... well... almost :)

As you know, in March 2004 we did the Youth Exchange in Barcelona with Lluc, Elen and Sermin from the TC Enable (and one girl from Greece that came in later). It was the project we wrote at the SALTO course in Lucenec and it was really a mixed-ability project (we had youngsters with hearing problems, mobility problems, wheelchair users, blind, partialy blind, no disability). We were so afraid before the exchange (we meet us once before on the preparatory meeting) - we thought youngsters will 'kill us' (in our heads we were hearing them saying "don't make jokes of us"). But - it was just great! This exchange changed us all - leaders and participants. There is no way to describe this.

After that I made a Contact Making Seminar in Slovenia in May. I had 24 participants from all over Europe - mainly working with young people with disabilities. And again it was a big success. On 1 June we proposed two bilateral Youth Exchanges (one with Italy and one with Sweden) and they were both accepted. Beside that I proposed Feasiblity visit in Slovenia with Lluc, Elen, Sermin and the Greece girl to plan next exchange. It was accepted, so we will meet us in September to plan a next multilateral exchange in Slovenia.

Beside that we participated in one multilateral exchange in Sardinia and this Sunday we are going to Austria for another multilateral exchange. Not to mention all the Contact Making Seminars and Short Study Visits that we were participanting in... And EVS projects that we are planning...

Now, enough boasting... I wold be really interested to help you out giving feedback, opinions and suggestions regarding the SALTO Inclusion work. Just let me know.



Slovenian Association of Disabled Students


In total there were 49 participants (plus 2 personal assistants), of which 9 had a disability themselves (visual, auditive, mobility, allergies). 32 women participated and 17 men. As for the origin of the participants: 24 came from the 15 EU countries, 2 from EFTA countries (Iceland) and 23 from the current Pre-Accession countries (of which 2 from Turkey).

Team of Trainers

  • Sonia Holubkova (SK)
  • Bara Bauerova (CZ)
  • Tanel Joost (EE)
  • Rene Opsomer (BE-German Speaking Community)

Tony Geudens of SALTO-Belgium co-ordinated this course, with the support of the Slovak NA & the Youth Information Centre in Velky Krtis (Andrea Gallova & Ingrid Arfa & volunteers).

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The following downloads are available:

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