Projects for Young (Ex) Offenders or those in prison

Young people sometimes make mistakes and it seems very difficult for society to forgive. The Youth in Action programme gives some tools to put young people back on track in their lives.

  • Introduction - Why this No Offence booklet?

    The Youth in Action programme should be open for ALL. But for some reason young ex-offenders don't find their way to it. SALTO is trying to change this with lots of tips, advice and concrete examples of projects that WORKED!

    Introduction - Why this No Offence booklet?
  • Who are we talking about?

    Young offenders, ex-offenders and young people at risk of offending. Who are these young people? Do they have any characteristics in common. Here's a finger print of the target group we are talking about.

    Who are we talking about?
  • Background of Young Offenders

    Young ex-offenders often face a whole deal of issues in their lives. However, what we see are only symptoms for underlying needs and problems. It is important to look behind what we see.

    Background of Young Offenders
  • Benefits of International Projects

    And if you wouldn't see the point of international projects for young (ex)offenders, this list of benefits might shed a different light on it. These arguments could help you convince the board of your organisation.

    Benefits of International Projects
  • Planning international projects

    A few key points that we recommend when planning an international project. They could help you in setting up your project and make it a success. Or add your own tips and experiences.

    Planning international projects
  • Preparing the Young People

    Proper preparation is crucial for the success of a project. That goes for the preparation of the young people as well for the preparation of the team working on the project. Some ideas for preparing the young people.

    Preparing the Young People
  • Preparing the Team

    Working on international projects also involves youth workers from different countries. Not only the young people, but also the youth workers should be prepared for this international experience.

    Preparing the Team
  • Risk assessment in international projects

    There is no 100% guarantee that everything will run smoothly. But by doing a proper risk assessment, you can have a good overview of what could go wrong - and how to deal with it.

    Risk assessment in international projects
  • How to find a partner group abroad?

    The most interesting and enriching part of an international project is the co-operation with organisations from different countries. But how can one find partner organisations abroad?

    How to find a partner group abroad?
  • Building successful partnerships

    It is not difficult to build a partnership, however it does require some work. Find some practical advice on how to create a trustful international partnership.

    Building successful partnerships
  • Financial Management & Budgeting

    Doing international projects costs money. But luckily there are many different ways of getting money for your project. Find some suggestions on how to draw up a budget.

    Financial Management & Budgeting
  • Ensuring funding for your project

    Once you know how much money you will require, you can effectively try to acquire this money from a variety of providers, foundations and individuals.

  • Youth in Action funding

    The European Commission's Youth in Action programme is a mobility programme, which has inclusion as one of its priorities. So this would be an ideal source of funding for your ex-offender projects.

  • Youth in Action examples

    If you are not so sure what an international project could look like, here are some examples of Youth in Action projects. Or add your own experiences and examples on this page.

  • Managing the young people during a project

    What to take into account when preparing and implementing a Youth in Action project? What are the important elements to make the project a success when working with this specific target group?

  • Conflict Management

    Wherever you bring different people together, there is potential for conflict. But with some basic approaches conflicts can be defused or used constructively.

  • Follow Up after inclusion projects

    Follow up is a crucial phase in a pathway approach. A project is not an aim in itself, but rather a step to get to a better situation in life. Here are some examples and case studies.

  • Methods for Follow up

    It is important that the last day of the project is not the end of the young person's development. Here are some methods how you can stimulate continuing development processes. Or add yours.

  • Dissemination & Exploitation of your project results

    Another valuable step in the post-project phase is the dissemination and exploitation of results. A few little activities can multiply the impact your project has on the different people involved.

  • Murru Prison project in Estonia

    An example from Estonia to show that even in prisons it is possible to do some projects with the Youth in Action programme.

  • CEMEA del Mezzogiorno - Giant Steps

    CEMEA used the different possibilities of the Youth in Action Programme for ex-offenders in a project called Giant Steps.

  • European Voluntary Service directly from prison

    The UK organisation 'Everything's Possible' organised a European Service Project with young people as soon as they came out of prison. It is possible!

  • Looking for more?

    Find links to background references, online resources and further reading related to international youth projects, inclusion and young ex-offenders.


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