Why projects for LesBiGay youth?

The SALTO-YOUTH Inclusion Resource Centre's mission is to stimulate Inclusion of ALL young people within the European Union's YOUTH programme, also Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender youth.
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The SALTO-YOUTH Inclusion Resource Centre's mission is to stimulate Inclusion of ALL young people within the European Union's Youth in Action programme, especially those that face obstacles to participate.

One of the underrepresented or invisible groups in European youth projects are Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LesBiGay) youth and those questioning their sexual orientation. Even though LesBiGay people constitute an estimated 10% of society (give or take a few percent), most programme countries do not reach this percentage of youth projects that aim to include or target LesBiGay youth.

Young people with a sexual orientation differing from the majority could unquestionably benefit from international projects. It could break LGBT people's isolation in a hetero-dominated environment. A youth project that is organised in a safe environment can help young people come to terms with their sexual orientation and identity.

International (youth) projects can also help spread a positive image of the LesBiGay community, which in turn could contribute to the eradication of discrimination and intolerance.

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By making the invisible LesBiGay minority more visible, also in the European Union's YOUTH programme and its projects, a greater tolerance might be developed towards LesBiGay persons. ALL young people should have the same opportunities and be treated the same way, regardless of gender, ethnicity, (dis)ability, economic power, social situation, educational level, geographical location, religion or sexual orientation (Amsterdam Treaty).

These pages are based on the "Over the Rainbow" booklet and aim to support youth workers (regardless of their own sexual orientation) working with LesBiGay youth as they take a look over the rainbow when organising international LesBiGay youth projects. The booklet and these pages gives youth workers practical resources and tips & tricks that make it easier for them to go international. It addresses the specifics of working with LesBiGay youth in an international context.

Generalist youth workers, who are confronted with young LesBiGays in their group, can also find tips in this booklet on how to deal with the specific issues these young people face.

Organising LBGT activities is a task that requires a variety of skills and knowledge. It does not differ from the organisation of any other project, requiring a high degree of competence in project management.

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