Preparing LesBiGay youth projects

Are you ready to give it a go? Here are some ideas that can get you started and show you what LesBiGay youth projects could look like.

A look at the project management pyramid

Setting up a project is like building a pyramid. You first have to choose the place where you will build your project-pyramid - what needs do you want to address? - what will the project be about? It's only after you come to an agreement about the site you want to build on that you can start laying the foundation of your project-pyramid.

  1. At the basis of every project there needs to be a fair deal of planning: imagining, together with other stakeholders, what the project should achieve and what it should look like.
  2. At a certain stage you will have to look for partners abroad who would be interested in your project idea. It's only then that you can move forward to the more concrete and narrow parts of the project-pyramid, in order to prepare the actual project and ensure sufficient funding.
  3. When the finances are in order and the partners have fully prepared their project together, you arrive at the moment when you must carry out the LGBT project.
  4. But that is not the end of the project: you might want to prove to yourself that you did a good job and share your result with the rest of the world and valorise your experience (show what you achieved).
  5. Last but not least the project could be the start of many follow-up activities or commitments, which could lead you or others to start the construction of the next project-pyramid.

The topic we are discussing here is youth projects. If we want to remain true to ourselves as youth workers who are striving to support the participation of young people in society, then it is vital to put the young people at the centre of the project.

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Types of LesBiGay projects - Some inspiration

A few examples of projects for inspirational purposes only. There is no limit to the variety of projects you can undertake.

Youth exchanges
Groups of young people from different countries spend a week or more in a host country taking part in a non-formal educational programme.

Youth festivals or cultural events
Cultural or artistic events can also be organised such as film festivals, concerts, photo exhibitions around topics of specific interest.

Young people's voices reach other young people or the media in a different way to organisations and institutions.

Training activities
Youth workers or peer educators from different countries can organise training courses to acquire additional skills and competencies on LesBiGay issues.

Conferences, seminars
These could be meetings and discussions around more general LesBiGay issues where the participants gather and share their experiences.

  • keep in mind that the EU YOUTH programme only gives funding for specific types of projects.

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Joining existing LesBiGay activities - a first step

Perhaps you feel that it is too soon to set up your own international project. Instead you can start building up some international experience by taking part in international activities organised by a variety of organisations.

Take part in an international LesBiGay Seminar or Conference

  • IGLYO = = International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth and Students Organisation = European umbrella organisation for local, regional and national LGBT youth and students organisations (target group aged under 27). Organises European study sessions and conferences
  • ILGA-Europe = = International Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Association = Striving for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in Europe. Has a notice board online with events, conferences, seminars
  • Queer Easter = = ECOSY - Young European Socialists organises a yearly seminar around Easter on Queer issues
  • Association of Nordic LGBTQ Student Organisations = = Organises various youth festivals and meetings in the Nordic Countries
  • LesMigraS = = LesMigraS is a European wide network of lesbian migrants, black lesbians, lesbians' and migrants' projects that combat discrimination
  • and many more

Visit or take part in a Pride march in another country or participate in the numerous cultural & political events organised around it

Compete in international Sports Competitions and the cultural programmes surrounding them

  • EGLSF = = European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation = Federation of various gay and lesbian sports clubs across Europe many of whom organise international tournaments in different disciplines. Coordination of the EuroGames and the European Gay & Lesbian Championships
  • World Federation of Gay Games = Coordinates the quadriannual world Gay Games, combined with a cultural programme and arts festival.
  • GLISA = International Gay and Lesbian Sports Association = Develops gay and lesbian sports worldwide. GLISA has a global calendar of LGBT sports events - it also coordinates the World Outgames (similar to the Gay Games, with lots of cultural events and conferences organised around it)

Take action for the Rights of the LGBT community together with people across the world

National LGBT activities that are open to international participants

Non-LGBT-activities open & beneficial to LGBT youth

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