EVS Multipliers and Trainers

The 2015/2016 pool of trainers and multipliers of EVS in South Mediterranean Countries.

The trainers are available for getting in touch with the local NGOs and support their process of accreditation or answer to specific questions.


  Abdallah Khazene Algeria
  Saad Selmadji Algeria
  Amr Arafa Egypt
  Manal Saleh Egypt
  Inbal Shtivi Israel
  naim kheir Israel
  Iyad Aljaber Jordan
  sana emam Jordan
  Justine Abi Saad Lebanon
  Amina Ikli Morocco
  Mohammed Ali Ahmed Palestine
  Shadi Zatara Palestine
  mariem belt Tunisia
  Jalel Labidi Tunisia
  Lama Zeinoun Tabet Lebanon

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