EVS Training Cycle: 2017 OAT and MTE Calendar

2017 OAT and MTE Training calendar - Coming Soon

OAT trainings in Jordan for volunteers hosted in JORDAN, PALESTINE, LEBANON
MTE trainings in Jordan for volunteers hosted in JORDAN, PALESTINE, LEBANON
OAT trainings  for volunteers hosted in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco


MTE trainings  volunteers hosted in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco

Organisations are requested to register their volunteers for particular training at least 4 weeks before the activity. Before registering volunteers, please consider:

  • on-arrival trainings target volunteers whose projects are long-term (more than 2 months). There is no possibility for our SALTO EuroMed in Erasmus+ to offer on-arrival trainings for short-term volunteers (whatever inclusion or groups). Project promoters are responsible for such preparation of short-term volunteers.
  • mid-term trainings are planned only for volunteers whose services are longer than 6 months
  • in case there is less than 6 volunteers for an on-arrival training or mid-term meeting we will evaluate the situation and inform the registered volunteers;
  • all hosting costs of EVS training/meeting will be covered by organiser - SALTO EuroMed; travel costs will be reimbursed during activity in cash on the base of original tickets (including copies of return ones), only 2nd class inter-city land transportation expenditures (buses, trains) will be reimbursed; if necessary, additional visa costs should be considered.
  • EVS Multipliers and Trainers

    The 2015/2016 pool of trainers and multipliers of EVS in South Mediterranean Countries.

    The trainers are available for getting in touch with the local NGOs and support their process of accreditation or answer to specific questions.


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