Trainings for Volunteers

Training and Evaluation Cycle for European Solidarity Corps Volunteers in the South-Med region.

General framework

All European Solidarity Corps volunteers have the right and responsibility to attend training courses in order to receive information, support and tools that will help them achieve as much as possible in the time of their service.

SALTO EuroMed is in charge of the implementation of the Training and Evaluation Cycle in the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia

The Training and Evaluation Cycle is composed of two training courses:

  • On-Arrival Training (for volunteering activities lasting 60 days or more)
  • Mid-Term Evaluation (for volunteering activities lasting 6 months)

Calendar 2021

Each year, SALTO EuroMed fixes a calendar and delivers training courses every three months. A week is fixed, a call is open for registration and then SALTO EuroMed decides whether the course will be online or residential.

SALTO EuroMed can organize training courses at the regional level or per country depending on the number of volunteers and their current location.

Foreseen dates:

  • The 17th and 18th of February, online.
  • Week of the 17th of May, online, register here:
  • Week of the 16th of August, place to be decided.
  • Week of the 15th of November, place to be decided.

Pre-departure training

Supporting organisations are asked to offer a pre-departure training course for volunteers.

The following documents:information must be delivered to the volunteers:

More information on each of the above-mentioned support activities is available in the in the Programme Guide, in the section "Training and evaluation cycle", available on the European Solidarity Corps web page.

For more info, contact:

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