Support for organisations

SALTO EuroMed is working toward the capacity building of the organisations in the South-Med region by offering different learning opportunities:

  • Info Day about the European Solidarity Corps

Short session about the basic possibilities and functioning of the programme.

  • Training Course for organisations new in the European Solidarity Corps

These activities are an opportunity to learn more about the programme and the offered possibilities as well as the technicalities and practicalities. These training course are organized country by country in order to go into the specificities of the country and to encourage peer-to-peer learning.

  • Training Course for organisations experienced in the European Solidarity Corps and already holding a Quality Label

These activities are an opportunity to work more on quality elements of the volunteering projects in the framework of the programme. They will focus more on advanced topics.

  • On spot visit

These monitoring visit are for both control and support. The objectives are to assess the performance and to support for future projects. After the visit, the organization will receive a letter with findings and recommendations.

  • Partnership Building Activity

As partnerships are an important feature of the European Solidarity Corps, SALTO EuroMed is trying to act as a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea to facilitate contact between organisations from the two shores. In this perspective, SALTO EuroMed organize or take part to, on a regular basis, Contact making seminars or Partnership Building Activities.

  • Annual regional gathering of organisations with Quality Label online

This online meeting is the opportunity to discuss among peers about best practices, possible improvements and obstacles and how to overcome them.

  • Online self-paced course on HOP

In order to support the organisations from the region, SALTO EuroMed is developing a series of online courses on HOP to be used in addition to the residential training course.

These online courses will be developed for both new and experienced organisations.

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