Tool Fair-y Tale

The 8th edition of Tool Fair is about to be held in Greece, and it is time to look back to the successful story of a useful adaptable model. This publication woudl like to summarize this long journey and to reflect chages and challenges!

From the idea of the rst Tool Fair, held in France in 2006, to the full inclusion of the Tool Fair as a pillar of the “tools for learning” strategy, seven years have been the theatre of the development of the model.The Tool Fair is a place oering the opportunity to test and taste new tools, analyze, exchange and evaluate them, in order to valorise creativity in non-formal education pedagogical initiatives.It is part of the Salto horizontal responsibility to support active and innovative answers to contribute to the quality development, recognition and visibility of the youth sector and non-formal education as a whole.
For a long time, the main answer took the form of the online toolbox, which enabled youth workers to upload and discover tools. But what the online toolbox can’t oer is the opportunity to share ideas and
experiences within a "Close Encounters of the ird Kind" way.


The following downloads are available:

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