EuroMed Training Bag

The BAG compiles the tools which had been created and used by 600 trainees from 35 different countries during 40 Salto EuroMed trainings.

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Video: The T-Bag at work

A meeting took place in Injep (National Institute of Youth and Popular Education - Marly le Roi - France) following the initiative of  Salto. Many important Institutions working on the subject had been invited: 

  • National Coordinators represented by Elisa ASLANIAN, Euro-Med National Coordinator, Lebanon
  • National Agencies represented by Fatima LAANAN, National Agency of the Youth Programme, Belgium French speaking part
  • European Commission, YOUTH Unit represented by Alejandra MARTINEZ
  • Council of Europe - North South Cooperation Centre represented by Marcos ANDRADE
  • Euro-Med Youth Platform represented by Giovanni BUTTIGIEG
  • European Youth Forum represented by Luiza BARA  and
  • SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed represented by Bernard ABRIGNANI,  Flavia GIOVANELLI, Marc MULLER

Thus, the “Euromed Training Bag Community” was born; this name was chosen in order to point out filiations with Training Kits and Euromed Training Pass. We failed to have "T’Bag" but it was not completely our "cup of tea"! Thanks to the facilitator Mark TAYLOR, the "companions" decided what the tool has to be and what it was not to be and its use and thanks to the reporter Yiota KAMARATOS memory was kept:

Why should there be a Training Bag?

  • To fulfil the needs of the National Agencies/National Coordinators
  • To transfer the Euro-Med spirit
  • To increase visibility and exposure of good practises
  • To explain the context of the Euro-Med cooperation
  • To underline the Thematic Priorities
  • Institutional recognition / legitimacy
  • To classify: There are too many things around
  • To have a Check List
  • It can have a snowball effect


What should be in the Training Bag? 

  • The five Euro-Med Thematic Priorities (Women, Environment, Minority Rights, Citizenship, Anti-Racism)
  • Religion
  • SALTO Training Reports
  • T-Kits
  • Euro-Med T-Kit
  • Commented bibliography
  • Discography
  • Webography
  • Where to get more information and contacts
  • How to deliver presentations
  • A section to add new things, evolution and suggestions
  • ‘Little Guide’ on how to use the Training Bag
  • The Youth User’s Guide
  • A Euro-Med Youth Map
  • SALTO and Platform Newsletters
  • Coyote Magazine
  • CD Rom, mixed media
  • Training programs with examples and tips about cultural sensitivities
  • Evaluation of Training Bag and Evolution suggestions for new editions
  • Leaflets about The Commission, Council of Europe and Platform
  • Reference to other relevant programmes
  • Summit conclusions
  • A wider political context
  • Recent effects
  • History of Euro-Med
  • A funding sources guide

... and what it should not be!

  • Static – It should always be up-dated and under-construction
  • Heavy, confusing
  • Dogmatic
  • Limited
  • Too simple – Stimulation and creativity are needed
  • A manual
  • One level – It should cater to all needs and knowledge
  • Too oriented
  • Only in English
  • Insensitive to realities and difficulties
  • Euro-centric
  • Mono-type – It should be multi-disciplinary
  • Cynical by not providing answers
  • Exclusive – It should cover various minorities.

Finally, after four days of hard work, full of heated discussions, the concept behind the finalised product was proposed; it combines a series of the specific features with the target public, means of diffusion and its format.

Who are the target groups?

  • National Agencies
  • National Coordinators
  • Prepared Euro-Med Multipliers Youth NGOs
  • Training Institutions

The main target groups are the National Coordinators, National Agencies and the Partners i.e. the Commission, the Council of Europe, the European Youth Forum and the Platform.

It was decided that everything should be filtered through the National Agencies/National Coordinators, according to their needs. An emphasis was placed on the necessity for preparation to ensure availability for all those who need to use the Training Bag.The Training Bag will be developed as a tool to support the National Coordinators work. Since the NCs come from competent authorities (e.g Ministries), there can be involvement of the NCs Government to further promote the Euro-Med spirit.

What will the Training Bag look alike?

Start screen

At the end of the one-week meeting, it was agreed that the final product would include a CD-Rom allowing quick and easy access and use.  In addition, there will be a CD holder, where all the relevant CDs, containing T-Kits, copies of the Coyote and Platform Magazines, Reports on the E.U. Partnership with the Council of Europe, a specialized bibliography, discography and inspirational videos can be placed, and easily accessible. 

Furthermore, it was agreed that different situations taken from the SALTO’TEMM training courses in the six MEDA countries should be included in the Training Bag as examples of good practices, along with the new tools created by the multipliers during some of the training courses. 

The final product will have six headings including: 

"Slip system" of the Tbag. Chose a situation which fits best what you need and then crawl through the tool categories below to find adapted tools
  • Case studies relative to situations of training or information: approximately around fifty
  • A certain number of cards describing the tools having a link to the technical aspect of the program: Action 1, 2 and 5 and with general information on the same subject.
  • Cards presenting each one an aspect of the political framework of the programme: for example the declaration of Barcelona.
  • 5 sets of cards of different colours (1 colour for each thematic priority): Fight against racism and xenophobia, place of women, minorities, environment and the inheritance, the active participation. Each card returning to different CD being able to comprise videos, useful Web links, documents etc.
  • A series of card relating to other topics like: the religion, history, human’s right.
  • 35 cards "one by country" giving of the statistical indications, bonds, photographs etc. 

You can seek in the heading " Study Case " a situation close to that which you will have to manage in a training or information session, then you turn the cards one to one of each category to find the tools which appear to you to be the best adapted with your intervention. Once that you have your scheme of work under the eyes, you seek in CDs indicated the tools selected.

Of course there is some space left to add your own tools in the form of blank cards and of empty small pockets CD. Let us not forget that one of the principles of this "Training Bag" is that it evolves and that each trainer must adapt it.

The Training Bag is a unique creation that will stimulate the mind of the User in order to get the maximum use, in order to be able to transfer the knowledge to other beneficiaries.

  • First brainstorm for the Training BagFirst brainstorm for the Training Bag
  • Some schreenshots from the introduction CD!Some schreenshots from the
    introduction CD!


The following downloads are available:

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