Coaching Programme for organisations new to European Solidarity Corps

What is the European Solidarity Corps Programme?

The European Solidarity Corps is an European Union funded programme which aims to promote solidarity as a value, mainly through volunteering of young people. It increases engagement of young people and organisations in accessible and high quality activities that respond to societal challenges, strengthen communities and promote social inclusion.

Thanks to this programme organisations can participate in international projects with partners from the other European countries, host foreign volunteers and send youth from their communities for volunteering service abroad.

A special system of funding and support allows participation in the programme for organisations and young people from disadvantaged areas, minority communities, facing financial difficulties and health problems.

Learn more about the programme here:

What is Quality Label?

Quality Label is a certificate that confirms that an organisation meets requirements of the European Solidarity Corps programme and can become a partner in volunteering projects, hosting or/and sending volunteers.

More about the Quality Label assessing procedure (called accreditation) you can read here:

What is SALTO EECA Coaching Programme?

This is an online coaching course for organisations that never participated in European Solidarity Corps projects. Through this course we would like to give them opportunities to get prepared for accreditation process, obtain Quality Label and implement high quality volunteering projects in the future. The course consists of min.10 and max. 20 hours of individual sessions per organisation with a coach, depending on the needs of an organisation.

Our programme is designed to help organisations to:

  • analyze their capacity, identifying strong points and the points that need strengthening

  • identify needs of the local community and develop volunteering activities best meeting those needs

  • build a support system for volunteers working at the organisation

  • build a network of international partners and learn how to cooperate with them.

Who can take part in the Coaching Programme?

  • youth organisations, local public bodies working with youth (libraries, cultural centres), schools etc. from: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine 
  • organisations that were never accredited for European Voluntary Service or European Solidarity Corps programmes
  • organisations with a strong motivation to start implementing international projects and host foreign volunteers
  • organisations that want to apply for Quality Label in 2022.

How to join the Programme?

In order to join the Coaching Programme please fill in this application: LINK

Organisations can apply for coaching on continuous basis. However, due to logistical reasons the recruitment will be closed on September 30th.

Please note:  only the organisations that meet the recruitment criteria (check above "Who can take part in the Coaching Programme") will be invited to take part in the coaching sessions. The first sessions will start in mid. April.

Are you looking for something else?

The organisations who have experience in volunteering projects, just received Quality Label OR were accredited in the past, but would like to refresh their knowledge about the European Solidarity Corps, can join the online training course "3xP: Programme, Partnership, Preparation". More information you can find on SALTO website HERE.

Experienced ESC organisations can also apply for other trainings focused on European Solidarity Corps, such as TOSCA.

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