Inspirational projects in European youth work

Need some help with the inspirational projects database?

Below are some frequently asked questions that may help you if you have any queries about the inspirational projects database.

What is an inspirational project?

A project is inspirational if it showcases ideas, approaches or methods addressing the topic or target group in an innovative and successful manner. It is also important that the project has achieved its intended outcomes, and had a real and visible impact on the participants, stakeholders and / or community involved. 

What is an outcome and what is impact?

An outcome is a change that has happened as a result of the project or activity. This could be anything from a change in participant confidence or new and increased knowledge and skills, to the creation of a new project as a result of participants’ experiences. Impact is the measure of what extent a project or activity has achieved its outcomes.

What kind of information will I find / need to provide?

The main emphasis should be on the inspirational elements in the project which you decide to highlight. You will also be asked about the outcomes and impact, successes and challenges as well as tips and recommendations. The description should also include the basic details of the project, such as title, project type, thematic focus, location or partners etc.

How can I add a project to the database?

Simply fill out this online form providing further details on your project and the impact it achieved, send it to , and we’ll do the rest!

Can I have more than one project in the database?

Of course – if you have delivered or been involved in more than 1 successful project, we would love to hear about them.

Can I contact the project directly for further details and information?

The contact details of a representative of the good practice project are included in the required information. Therefore, please feel free to contact this person if you would like to find out more.

If you question is not answered above, please contact and we’ll be happy to help!


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