About the Project "Youth Work against Violent Radicalisation and Extremism"

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Context and overall objectives of the project:

There are more than 1.2 billion young people (ages 15-24) in the world today with about 89 million youth (ages 15-29) in the countries of the European Union. Young people are impacted by constant changes in global social and economic realities, and many of them face poverty, exclusion, inequality and marginalisation. Their personal circumstances and wider political, social and economic environment in which they live may make them vulnerable to various radical influences and also violent radicalisation. Realities of this emerging trend make it necessary to emphasise the need to work with young people in Europe and its neighbouring regions, in order to strengthen their resilience to violent radicalisation, and reinforce the openness and inclusiveness of communities in which they live. 

In order to determine and illustrate the role of youth work in this regard, the SALTO EuroMed, SALTO EECA and SALTO SEE  and SALTO Inclusion and Diversity Resource Centres together with the National Agencies of Erasmus+: Youth in Action and the European Solidarity Corps of France, Germany, Italy, and Belgium are jointly implementing a long-term project aiming:

  • to research and showcase positive ways and initiatives in which youth violent radicalisation can be addressed and prevented, and
  • to examine how we can strengthen the role of different actors, in an attempt to compile a long-term strategy about youth work against violent radicalisation.

Several activities within this framework have been developed since 2017, which were joined by further National Agencies as well as the Partnership on Youth between the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

More information about recent and ongoing activities is available on the project website http://youthcommunityresilience.eu/

Activities 2020


Partnership-Building Activity, autumn 2020, Germany

Training Course "Competencies of Youth Workers in Preventing Violent Radicalisation and Extremism", 3-8 August 2020, Georgia

Call for participants open until 17 May 2020.

Research about youth worker competences needed for working with young people on issues related to violent radicalisation and extremism

Development of a tool kit for practical youth work on the topic

Past activities in 2017 - 2019

Study visit to Belgium, October 2019

Training Course about Youth Work against Violent Radicalisation, 4 - 9 March 2019, Italy 

Cross-sectoral seminar: Building young people's resilience against violent radicalisation, November 2018, Tirana, Albania

International conference, Malta, November 2017

Research and mapping exercise: Youth Work against Violent Radicalisation - Theory, concepts and primary prevention in practice, published 2017

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