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Information about joint support activities of the regional SALTO Resource Centres aiming to enhance cooperation with neighbouring Partner Countries. Additionally: outcomes of survey among National Agencies:

Calendar of Cooperation Activities of regional SALTO Resource Centres

When Where What
19-20 September 2019 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Consultative Meeting for National Agencies about cooperation with Neighbouring Partner Countries in Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps.

since 2017 various

Interregional strategy Youth Work against Violent Radicalisation:

  • Research and mapping exercise
  • International conference about Youth Work against Violent Radicalisation (Malta, December 2017)
  • Seminar "Building Young People's Resilience against Violent Radicalisation" (Tirana, Albania, November 2018)
  • Training course (Macerata, Italy, March 2019) and Study visit to Belgium (October 2019)
  • Training course and partner-finding seminar planned for 2020
  • Evaluation conference planned for spring 2021

More information on the project website:

30 - 31 May 2017 Brussels, Belgium National Agency Staff Training about Cooperation with Neighbouring Partner Countries
10 - 14 October 2016 Maribor, Slovenia European Volunteering Forum
6 - 8 April 2016 Kraków, Poland Seminar for 3 regional EVS trainers' pools.

National Agency survey about cooperation with neighbouring partner countries - outcomes

In summer 2015, the regional SALTO Resource Centres asked Erasmus+ Youth National Agencies' (NAs) to reflect about how the cooperation with neighbouring partner regions is currently seen and managed. Our aim was to raise attention about the place and meaning of the cooperation with neighbouring partner regions in the Programme and to (re-)create communication with National Agencies in this field. We invited NAs to complete a short survey about the current situation of this cooperation in their countries and to nominate a contact person for this aspect of the Programme. 22 of 35 National Agencies participated in the survey.

  • 78% of NAs indicated that organizations from their country have a high interest in cooperation with neighbouring regions. 
  • 90% of NAs see the benefit of a NA staff meeting focusing on this aspect of the Programme.

The summary of the complete survey results is available at

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