This is a reference for Mehmet Çetinkaya

Yinformasyon Training Of Trainers on Youth Rights and Youth Information

The training activity took place
in Gaziantep, Turkey
organised by YINFO - Youth Information Center
16-23 December 2013

Aims & objectives

The training course aimed to train 25 trainers for "Youth Information Council" to train 3.750 young people about "youth rights" and "youth information.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Only Turkish participant, one of the trainer were Dutch

Training methods used & main activities

Non-Formal methods;
Introductions/unique about me
Adjectives (guess true or false)
Team building (child's game)
Introducing program + take away, put in elements
Learning to learn (learning games/instrument/words) + discussion
Multiple intelligences (mathematical, interpersonal, nature, interpersonal, language, body, musical visual) + multiple intelligence guy
Choosing learning buddy
Introducing self-evaluation form
Reflection groups (that we had to preserve for the training)
Filling out your self-evaluation/getting to know your buddy
Motivation (trying to make people lie down, through kindness or terrorism)/how to understand and engage participants/inclusion
Abigail (understanding our values and respecting those of others)/understanding human needs
Spending time in Antep
Energiser - I have never
Communication - passing on information (sandwich game)
Communication - human triangle (physiology, language, focus)
Communication - how to practice non-violent communication
Communication - understanding open and closed questions, and when to use them
Possible crisis and solutions - theatre with all crisis scenarios (drunk participants, horny participants, gay participants, talkative participants, unmotivated participants)
Reflection groups
YINFO night
Energiser - Follow the leader
Writing what we like about each other on their backs
Talent and passion (what are my talents? how can I use them as a trainer?)
Training cycle management introduction
Energiser - hand tapping
Training cycle management practice
Reflection groups without trainers
Night out for 15 minutes
Pinguin dance
Presenting training projects/getting feedback
Learning how to teach (questions and answers TV program/commercials/learning why Mehmet and Leilani are trainers)
Funding programs (Erasmus +, Sivil Düşün, CFCU, Sabancı, Kosgeb, European Commission/Council, Development Agency, other)
YINFO/Youth information/youth rights/etc.
Reflection groups with trainers
Finalising training projects/working with learning buddies on what I learned and what I want to learn in the future
Silent discussion on learning outcomes and learning plans
Training evaluation and closing

Outcomes of the activity

Trainin course were successfull and all the participants were feeling like a trainer already. They are now going to make training courses. Each one of 25 new trainers will organise 5 different TC for 30 people.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

- Project writer
- One of the organiser
- Program creator
- Trainer

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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