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The training activity took place
in Riga, Latvia
organised by Association of LGBT and their friends "Mozaika"
28 November - 7 December 2015
Reference person

Ieva Grundsteine

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Aims & objectives

We organized this training course in order to develop the competencies of people working with youth (youth leaders, peer-to-peer educators, youth workers) to act as advocates of greater gender equality at their communities by using non-formal learning approach and tools.
In a longer-term perspective with this project we would like the young people from our communities to become more gender-aware and sensitive to be able to detect situations and contexts where gender-based discrimination and violence occur and to take action to promote gender equality both locally, nationally as well as in international contexts.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

This training course included 20 participants from our Partners in Latvia, Denmark, Belgium, Morocco, Lebanon and Jordan.

The training is organized by the Latvian human rights Association of LGBT and their friends "Mozaika" in cooperation with five international partners: Swira (Belgium), Sawa for Development and Aid (Lebanon), I-Dare (Jordan), Argania (Morocco) and UNGiAarhus Syd (Denmark).

Training methods used & main activities

The main idea of the training course was to the participants the chance to develop their awareness about gender and LGBT issues, so that they can act as advocate of greater gender equality at their community by using non-formal learning approach and tools. We used moving debates, discussions in small groups, forum theater, reflection groups, working in small groups, team building, movies, presentations, study visit, NGO market, individual reflection time, ...

Outcomes of the activity

The participants developed (more) awareness and understanding about various concepts related to gender and sexuality. They understand the mechanisms of gender-based discrimination and violence and how it affects individuals and society (especially – young people). They know better the realities when it comes to gender issues in represented countries and regions. They experienced and understand the “power” of youth work and NFL to promote gender equality at various contexts, and created NFL tools to fight against gender-based discrimination and violence. They developed their skills as a youth leader to facilitate NFL activities that eliminate gender-based discrimination and violence and promote greater equality.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was responsible for the communication between the partners and participants before the TC.

Together with Ieva Grundsteine, I designed, implemented and evaluated the training.

I worked on this training for 10 days as a full time trainer.

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