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NGO Resources – financial, human, personal

The training activity took place
in Schwanden-Sigriswil / Switzerland
organised by NAKULTUR Switzerland
19th - 25th November 2013

Aims & objectives

"NGO resources - financial, human, personal" came about as the result of a
3.1 project which took place in Switzerland in November 2012 called
"Managing my organization/managing myself". The training was about NGO
management in general, and through this training it became apparent that
the greatest challenge participating NGOs were facing related to resources -
financial, human and personal. "NGO resources" was created to meet this
need and has 3 primary objectives: Exploring strategies to establish a
financial base that includes funding from the local community; exploring
strategies to strengthen human resources through recruiting, motivating and
empowering volunteers; exploring strategies to effectively manage and
strengthen personal resources for NGO managers that will enable them to
increase productivity simultaneously with maintaining a balanced and
healthy lifestyle.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Trainers from Switzerland, Nederland, Israel and Turkey

Participants from Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Spain,
Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Ireland, Italy and Portugal .

Training methods used & main activities

Exchange of best practices, non-formal, and interactive working setting:
This training course is focusing on exploration of resources in a holistic
perspective through group work, individual work and sharing. The course is
action-based and will implement the development of a NGO strategy.

Outcomes of the activity

All the participants were the managers/leaders/youthworkers of different NGOs.

In the end of the training eveybody left home with a lot of inspration and ideas to develop their NGOs' financial, personal and human resources

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

One of the Trainers

I was one of the organisers with below tasks;
- Supporting and providing the non-formal methods for the activities
- Dealing with general organisations' outgoing
- Training sections
- Final report

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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