Youth Advocacy & Lobbying

•KA 105 Action •4+1 Partners •50 volunteers: 8+2 leaders •1+10+1 days •International Youth Exchange •Project Acronym: YAL 13-01-2020 24-01-2020

Youth Advocacy & Lobbying

(Mutual Partnership is our priority)

Since the number of young people at risk of being permanently excluded from the democratic process and of not being actively involved in social change is growing in European countries and beyond, there is an urgent need to draw up effective strategies for systematically resolving this issue. We are well aware of the importance of the advocacy and lobbying as a tool for changing, enhancing and upgrading democratic processes of societies.
The Youth Exchange “Youth Advocacy & Lobbying” will take place from 13/01/2020 to 24/01/2020, in Düzce, Turkey. 50 participants in total, 8 young participants and 2 youth leaders from the host/coordinating organisation and each sending organization will meet to discuss, explore and improve the knowledge of the Erasmus+ Youth Program as a tool to strengthen the quality and international dimension of advocacy in youth work through practical methods and exercises to work with young people (with fewer opportunities). Particular attention will be paid to the training of soft skills as a way of increasing the potential of young people and ensuring that they have the competences to address political and social issues in their communities.
The main issue addressed through this project is the low involvement of young people at all levels, in social life and democratic processes in their local communities, the passive attitude and lack of interest in social issues, apathy and lack of a proactive approach in the creation of community activities. The project aims to bring to light issues related to the awareness of the role that young people play in society. In our opinion, young people need to know how to improve their position in the community and this must be done in close collaboration with governments, public institutions and especially non-governmental organizations. It is essential to change the social discourse and effectively influence the important decision-making processes.
You take part, you make decisions.

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