We want a healthier Europe!

We want a healthier Europe!

The main topic of our program is the youngsters’ connection with sports. In the guidelines of European Union, which apply to the healthy lifestyle, the body exercise is on high priority as well. It is particularly worrisome, that overweight is getting more frequent among young people of the European Union.
The main aim is to attract the youngsters’ attention of this important problem. We observed that neither schools nor the media do not deal with this case enough. Therefore we decided that we will motivate young people for activity through the methods of non-formal pedagogy.
We deliberately set in many blocks, which are mainly outdoor activities, and besides we elaborate different themes in connection with healthy and destructive lifestyles.
During the seven days of our exchange four countries 5-5 representative ( 1-1 group leader, 4-4 participant, altogether 20 person) will visit our country, to share their experiences.

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Contact person: Csaba Brutóczki


Phone: +36305109673

Project overview

We want a healthier Europe! is a project by
Nyugattól Keletre Egyesület
taking place
from 2014-06-16 till 2014-06-22
This project relates to:
Action 1.1 (Youth Exchanges)
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles

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