We are looking for a Partner from Jordan

Capacity building project about participatory action research for youth workers and professionals from education, social & cultural field

We are preparing a Capacity building project granted by ERASMUS+ a program of the European Union and we would like to find a partner from Jordan.

The context of this project is: The engagement of young people in the decision-making processes and activities that directly affect them is crucial for the development of inclusive and sustainable practices. Recognising the transformative power of participatory art methods, this initiative seeks to embed these approaches in the capacity building of professionals working in the field of youth.

The integration of participatory art not only enhances the skills and competencies of professionals but also serves as a dynamic platform for empowering young people, especially those facing fewer opportunities and those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds (youth on the move, youth in contact with the Justice system).

Participatory art methods provide a unique and inclusive way to engage youth. These methods go beyond traditional forms of communication, allowing young people to express themselves creatively, regardless of their background or abilities. By incorporating these approaches into the capacity building of professionals, a shift occurs towards more interactive and personalised strategies that resonate with the diverse needs and experiences of youth.

If you are interested let us know asap read carefully the document attached and send by mail your PIF (with the PIC number) and Motivation letter to be a partner.

CAI - Conversas Associação Internacional
SwTI - Street work Training Institute

Phone & WhatsApp: +351 91 484 5338

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Project overview

We are looking for a Partner from Jordan is a project by
CAI - Conversas Associação Internacional
taking place
from 2024 till 2026
This project relates to:
Capacity Building
and is focusing on:
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Innovation
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Non-formal learning
  • Policy-making
  • Social media
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Youth policy

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