V4+ Conference of Women’s NGOs

V4+ Conference of Women’s NGOs. For Promoting the Social and Economic Equality of Women - Budapest, Hungary - 22-24 May, 2020

We are going to apply with this project to Visegrad Fund by 1st October, 2019.
The aim of the conference is to share knowledge and build community among participating organizations. By presenting good practice at the event in lectures and panel discussions, we are looking for solutions how to improve the social and economic situation of women through formal and non-formal education, and by building and strengthening women's networks.

We are looking for answers to the following questions at the conference:
* What skills and abilities are needed to complete part-time job tasks?
* How can women perform better in job interviews?
* How should women negotiate for wage increases?
* What skills and abilities are needed to gain leadership positions?
* How can collaborations help increase the social and economic role of women?
* How can external actors (mentors, coaches, consultants) help increase women's self-confidence and achieve their goals?
* What solutions does Internet offer for women for regular learning and networking?
* How do online services help increase women's income opportunities?
* How can non-governmental organizations working in the Visegrad countries build a lasting relationship?
* How can women's NGOs transfer their knowledge and experience to each other?
* How can organizations work together in a sustainable and effective way?



From countries -
Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic + Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Republic of North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine.

With activities -
Non-governmental organisations working for gender equality with experience in non-formal education, and interested in cooperation with women's institutions.


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Project overview

V4+ Conference of Women’s NGOs is a project by
Notars Alapitvany
taking place
from 2020-02-01 till 2020-08-31
This project relates to:
Strategic Partnerships
and is focusing on:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • European citizenship
  • Gender equality
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Non-formal learning
  • Social media
  • Sustainable development
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Urban/rural development

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