To Each Their Own Journey

KA 105 Action - 4 Partners - 40 Participants - 10 Days (Please don't send copy/paste mails & Organisations related with the theme will be selected!!!)

Our Project, in it’s most basic form, is aiming at helping people on externalization of the stongest part of them, realization of their believes, self awareness and the awareness of the surroundings. The activities and the organizations based on these fundamentals. At the same time the common grounds between religions and philosophic approaches will be researched and the differences between all these beliefs and opinions will be analyzed in a psychological way. Every piece of avtivity, which will be carried, will deal with the subject from different directions and only in the end of the all activities, a general assessment can be done.
The Project will start on 10 July and it will last until 20 July. Our Project, which will comprise by 4 partners, will include 40 participants. Our participants includes the young population who studies in university or who graduated from university.
All the activities and mutual sharing of information and experience which will be occured in our Project will bring our participants a different point of view. At the same time our participants, who will be informed about the religions and their basic philosophic approaches, will gain the ability of interpret their thoughts and their beliefs from different aspects in a psychological and in a socilogical way.

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Contact person: Damla Özgür


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Project overview

To Each Their Own Journey is a project by
Organisation Time
taking place
from 2016-07-10 till 2016-07-20
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges
and is focusing on:
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Conflict management
  • Human rights
  • Integration
  • Peace and conflict
  • Religion and beliefs

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