The last drop of water

The main topic of our project is the water scarcity and its global consequences.

Water is our most important natural resource.
The lack of it can lead in the future -and is leading now- to ecological, social and economic disasters. Therefore the main topic of our project is the water scarcity and its global consequences, furthermore the tasks of the next generations in connection with prevention of drinking water resources.
Our aim is, on the one hand, to draw attention to seriousness of the problem using creativity of the youngsters and leaning on their teamwork. On the other hand we want to stimulate them to use water responsibly returning their home, and to promote the results of the program across every possible channels, so that the send organisations and decision-makers can know them.
During the program the participants can develop their social competencies, organizational skills, creativity, moreover they can be more tolerant and empathetic.
The venue of the meeting is Szigetmonostor, where is the largest water resource of Budapest.
Szentendre Island (where Szigetmonostor is located),due to the special location, is an outstanding nature reserve with water resources protection and recreation functions.
During the ten-day meeting from 6 countries 6 participants per country (5 young people, 1 leader) visit us, in order to gain useful experiences, new skills and last but not least to have fun

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Contact person: Csaba Brutóczki


Phone: +36305109673

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The last drop of water is a project by
Nyugattól Keletre Egyesület
taking place
from 2016-08-26 till 2016-09-04
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