Testify to The History

Representing History in Photos

The main object of our project to integrate different cultures using the photos. In this process, participans will have the knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity. During the six days , the participants who come from different countries and cultures will be included in organizing, planning, decision making process and having responsibility . Prejudgement will be decreased among the partcipants coming from the different cultures using the art of photography with the anti-discrimination and resolution of conflicts. Sometimes, cultural diversity causes discrimination. Breaking down this and socializing the youngs with education, culture and art is another aim of this project. Both history and environment awareness will be tried to create with the slogan of “Cultural Peace with Photo”. The Project will take place in Batman(Hasankeyf), Mardin(Midyat, Tare Ruin). In addition to materials and informations that are obtained from the historical places, workshops will be carried out in the cities that will be visited. After doing these activities, stand workings and presentations will be carried out from the materials and photos.

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Project overview

Testify to The History is a project by
Social Promoters Group
taking place
from 2013-04-10 till 2013-04-16
This project relates to:
Action 1.1 (Youth Exchanges)

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