Technological Upcycling

The project aims at innovating youth workers' professional practices by combining digital and environmental education

There exists two common approaches to developing activities in the field of youth work: one based on environmental education, another centred on the latest forms of technology. Unfortunately, it is very often the case that youth workers side with either of these two, without ever experimenting the other.

We believe the two mindsets are complementary, and by combining them a vast number of innovative and original initiatives can come into being.

Technological upcycling is the practice of transforming or repurposing junk items bound to be thrown away, with the aid of technological gadgets such as microcontrollers, motors and sensors. This can provide the missing link between the environmental and technological approaches to youth work. Thus, technologically-minded youth workers can employ the tools they privilege to tackle environmental issues, whilst environmentally-minded practitioners can integrate new methods in their professional settings.

The youth workers training we are aiming to implement will be an attempt to sensitize participants to new tools and methods in youth work. Its objectives are the following:

- Innovate youth work by introducing new practices based on the combination of environmental education and technology-based activities

- Exchange on the emergence of digital youth work

- Sensitize youth workers to initiatives around DIY and digital culture

The project will consist in two separate activities:

-A week-long training
- Participation of the Erasmus + team to a public event on DIY and digital culture in France (Open Bidouille Camp)

The week-long training will serve to introduce participants to the practice of technological upcycling, and to ways to integrate this into youth work.

The Open Bidouille Camp is a public event where anyone with an interest in DIY techniques, including digital DIY, can present discuss and exchange on his/her ideas and projects. It is also an opportunity for individuals active in the field of youth work to build a network of contacts and exchange good practices. At the Open bidouille camp, participants will be able to showcase and exchange on their findings about combining digital technologies with environmental education in youth work.

As a result of the training, we expect participants to be able to:

- Get youngsters involved in initiatives on digital and DIY culture

- Initiate and supervise activities targeting youth on the topics of technological upcycling

- Identify and seize opportunities to constantly innovate youth workers’ professional practices

- Encourage youth to transform, upcycle and repurpose objects they were bound to throw away

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Project overview

Technological Upcycling is a project by
taking place
from 2017-09 till 2018-03
This project relates to:
Training and Networking
and is focusing on:
  • Environment
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable development
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles
  • Economic obstacles
  • Educational difficulties
  • Geographical obstacles
We are looking for the following typologies of participants: - Individuals with a passion/interest in digital technologies, and interested in youth work - Individuals active in the promotion of DIY and/or digital culture interested in running educational activities targeting young people - Youth workers with an experience in environmental and/or digital education

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