Sustainable Development for Young Entrepreneurs from rural areas

Sustainable Development for Young Entrepreneurs from rural areas, to improve their skills in the field of agricultural business and management.

With this project we want to conduct and to improve young entrepreneurs’ skills in the field of agricultural business and management, in the promotion of their self-produced products, as well as the development and the enhancement of their decision-making skills, such as regulation of the financial parties, prices and costs, budget, human resources, public relations and more. These activities will also include the expansion and development of competences of the participating organizations. Personal development is a key point in this project, as well as the possibility to improve young participants chances in the labour market, especially in the field of local agriculture: after gaining and sharing their experience the young participants will be able to contribute in helping other farmers raise their awareness about the possibilities and ways of conducting fruitful agricultural businesses, thus create more job opportunities.
This Youth Exchange will allow groups of young people from Georgia and Italy to meet and share their experiences in the theme of development and improvement of entrepreneurship. During the youth exchange, participants will jointly carry out future cooperative working activities that will help them in developing competences to become aware of relevant topics for successful business based on discovering new cultures, their habits and life-styles through peer-learning. They will also strengthen values like solidarity, democracy, friendship and intercultural dialogue.

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Project overview

Sustainable Development for Young Entrepreneurs from rural areas is a project by
Gori Municipality Development and Tana and Tedzami Protected Landscape Management Agency
taking place
from 2019-08-12 till 2019-10-12
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges
and is focusing on:
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Media and communication
  • Non-formal learning
  • Sustainable development
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Urban/rural development
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles
Youngsters from disadvantaged rural areas

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