Stand Up for Young Active Citizens

Target Group: young people (14 – 19 years old)

Call: We are looking for partners that are genuinely interested in the topic, have the necessary experience and abilities to actively participate in the project activities and phases and to propose new activities; are eager to learn and to bring an added value to the project. If the aforementioned suit your profile and you are up for collaboration, please send an email to our address.
Indroductory Paragraph: The project focuses on the need to empower the young generation of people to become active citizens within the EU community. As organizations, standing up for young people to become active citizens will contribute to:
a) A sustainable culture of democracy within Europe.
b) The strengthening of a sense of belonging of young people to their communities and the EU community.
c) Forming a solid understanding of citizens’ rights, responsibilities and capabilities for action among young people.
d) Combating passive citizenship.
Target Group: young people (14 – 19 years old)
General Objectives:
1. Bring citizenship needs and issues to life.
2. Expand opportunities for young people to become active citizens.
3. Work in close partnerships with schools.
4. Raise awareness and edify the belief the young people can contribute to their communities.
1. Handbook: the handbook contains free teaching resources to be used in the training sessions and during the workshops with the young students.
2. Training for Volunteers: skill students and teachers with the necessary knowledge and resources to work on our workshops.
3. Workshops in Schools: conduct workshops in schools with young people in groups, on topics such as Rights and Responsibilities, Elections, Immigration, Climate Change, Trade, How Politics influences our day to day lives.
4. Website: create a website that anyone can access in order to find the relevant resources of the project.

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Project overview

Stand Up for Young Active Citizens is a project by
SCOUT Society
taking place
from 2022-04-01 till 2023-03-31
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