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With this international youth exchange project organizers aim to get together youth from European and non-European countries and create place with pleasant, comfortable atmosphere, where participants can share experiences and in the conjunction of practical and theoretical activities learn more about healthy lifestyle. Leisure studies have stated that while active leisure involves a significant application of physical or mental energy, passive leisure does not. In this matter, it should be underlined that, according to European Youth Trend Report, that although approximately 45% of young people regularly go for a walk, biking or practice sports (physical energy), and that 25% regularly read (mental energy), the remaining important activities (such as regularly meeting friends, go dancing, go out to drink, to eat -40%, using the Internet and playing video games -21%, watching TV and listening to music -17%, and going to the cinema, theater or concerts- 16%) and this is growing year to year and youngsters are getting less caring about their health and their abilities connected with physical health is getting low.

Project gives opportunity to the youth to:
- Become motivated to move more
- Rise up theoretical and practical knowledge of healthy lifestyle
- Experience different sports and find out which is more close to their interests
- Change their attitudes towards sports as a powerful tool for healthy life-style
- Get to know more about health care
- Get to know more about hygiene
- Get to know more about healthy food (Slow Food)
- Learn about infections
- Get to know about sports in different countries
- Make new friends
- Get out of box
- Enhance their language abilities
- Get to know with the other cultures represented in the project
- Have fun!

Project is based on the objectives of Erasmus+ program and tightly feats needs of the youth from EU and neighbor countries represented. After the project there will be sent positive active wave around the world participants won't be faced with boredom, will be more active, will have strong desire of being actively involved in the sporty and healthy lifestyle, will share about gained knowledge with their friends, family members and their communities. We've planned street campaigns which helps local youth from Rustavi Town to get information of healthy benefits given by healthy lifestyle.

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Sportering Youth is a project by
Alternative Education Academy
taking place
from 2019-10-01 till 2019-10-09
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