In order to apply please: • send the PIF • fill the questionnaire requested Only that organizations will be considered who send PIF and fill questionnaire.

One of the main pressing concern of the European Union and European societies is the problem of the spread of racism and intolerance leading to extremist movements and youth radicalization. Because young people are affected by the economic and social crisis and the high rate of unemployment, they become susceptible to radicalization and to join certain groups as populists, religious extremists and terrorists. Add to this facts is the lack of knowledge of other cultural and nationalities which lead to social tensions between different minority groups.
The age of youth is characterized by effervescence, young people being easily influenced and convinced to join a certain group. But the most vulnerable groups who can be very easy influenced are young people with fewer opportunities, who are facing different social and economic obstacles.
All these events affects and threaten the unity of Europe, the good cohabitation and the understanding between Europe’s nations.
To can prevent the spread of these phenomena become one of the most pressing challenges of our times.
As a response, we designed a training course for youth workers and youth leaders to tackle these pressing issues and find strategies for preventing the spread of racism, intolerance and youth radicalization.
Research has shown the great power of sport in diminishing language barriers, cultural and religious barriers, race barriers and social barriers to promote intercultural dialog and good understanding between people. Sport has the power to unite people beyond all age, gender, religion, socio-economic background differences.
Therefore, the main aim of this project is to provide youth workers and youth leaders sport and physical activity as a tool to explore the phenomenon of radicalization, to stop the spread of racism and intolerance and to share effective methods to reach marginalized youth and to foster their social inclusion.

• to increase the knowledge about the causes of the spread of racism, intolerance and youth radicalization;
• to empower participants with necessary skills and methods on youth inclusion, intercultural dialog promotion and social cohesion
• to adapt sport activities in youth work helping participants to reach marginalized youth.
• to provide participants with sport-based tools in order to prevent the spread of racism, intolerance and youth radicalization;
• to strengthen the collaboration between organization and local authorities in order to develop youth policies.

Learning methods:
The project focuses on non-formal learning methods, such as: practical workshops combining theory with practice, workshops on radicalization, racism and intolerance, debates, interactive discussion, team building activities, presentations, simulations, etc.
During the training course, participants will have the occasion to share the acquired knowledge in the community holding practical workshops within the international 3x3 basketball tournament called ”Be You 3x3 Challenge 2019”.


The project aim to gather 32 youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, educators for a 10-day-long training course. Participants must belong to the partner organization (each partner will send 4 persons) and must have minimum 3 year of experience with young people, especially young people from rural areas, marginalized areas, youth with fewer opportunities.
interpersonal skills:
-strong problem solving skills
-ability to work in a team environment
-ability to facilitate discussion between people with differing points of view
-well developed presentation and public speaking skills
-ability to gain cooperation and assistance from participants, staff and other relevant stakeholder
-demonstrated ability to develop initiatives and implement a process of continuous improvement
-demonstrated written and oral communication skills
-demonstrated mediation and dispute resolution skills
-proven experience in writing reports and questionnaires
-demonstrated ability to be self-starting, self-motivated and to motivate others
-ability to liaise with counterparts in other organisations to discuss and resolve special issues or problems
special skills and knowledge:
-Knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of youth work
-Knowledge of youth issues, community development principles
-Demonstrated project management skills.

Venue: Targoviste, Romania
Date: June 2019

• Belonging to Program Countries;
• Registered in ECAS Portal/ Having PIC Number;
• Experience in the field of non-formal education activities young people;
• PIF completed according to the model requested by us;
• Ability to respect and communicate all stages of the project (vizibility, participants selection and preparation, support, dissemination, etc.);
• The partner organizations should be dedicated to young people and not be interested in projects just to charge participation fees (Be You Association and the Romanian Erasmus+ National Agency do not agree this practice).

In order to apply please:
• send the PIF of your organization to Adrian Miloiu to
• fill the questionnaire requested for this project. Access the following link:

Only that organizations will be considered who send PIF and fill questionnaire.

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Project overview

Asociatia Be You
taking place
from 2019-03-01 till 2019-09-30
This project relates to:
Training and Networking
and is focusing on:
  • Anti-discrimination
  • European citizenship
  • Gender equality
  • Human rights
  • Integration
  • Minorities
  • Non-formal learning
  • Peace and conflict
  • Sports
  • Youth policy

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