In this project we would like to promote sport as a fantastic way to avoid illnesses as well as to overcome barriers and get to know other people.

In our group there are 12 people. Everybody is in middle school, so we’re from 13 to 17 years old. We live in the country, in different villages. We chose ‘sport’ as our project theme since we’re very much into active ways of spending free time. Some of us belong the cycling school team and some attend volleyball or football trainings. We also love other disciplines, like table tennis or basketball. Sport is a kind of entertainment, a way of life. We would like to invite to our project 13-16 year-old students who would be willing to learn something from it. In our project we plan among others: a meeting with a dietician, an interview with a famous sportsman, getting to know new sports disciplines, becoming more creative inventing new sports or checking how it feels to be disabled and how to involve others in doing sports. We’re looking for 4 groups of 12 people who would spread the idea of sport in their countries and make other people aware of the disadvantages of idleness and benefits of regular and reasonable exercises. If you are interested in our project please send us PI and completed and signed mandate (in attachment) as soon as it is possible.

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Stowarzyszenie QUINDECIM
taking place
from 2018-08-13 till 2018-08-22
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