“Social Diplomacy –mind mapping opportunities”

“Social Diplomacy –mind mapping opportunities” aims at gathering youth NGOs from different countries, which have similar objectives related to social diplomacy.

“Social Diplomacy –mind mapping opportunities” aims at gathering youth NGOs from different countries, which have similar missions and objectives related to social diplomacy especially to strengthening public participation in decision making processes, promoting dialogue and deliberation.
This project aims at creating a diverse network of youth organisations bringing together young diplomats acting for social change through active participation. The meeting will offer a place to discuss to discuss, to decide, and to create an action plan together in order to address the today’s toughest challenges.
Main objectives of the activity are:
• To explore the meaning of social diplomacy in a current social and political situations in different countries, to identify its potential, limits, challenges and current state.
• To get-to-know each other personally and professionally;
• To Share own “success stories” and making social diplomacy in a change-making process at local level;
• To identify the common “change field” – main challenges to be addressed centralized as a network of young diplomats.
• To innovative mechanisms and to develop a new ideas; to draft project ideas (Youth exchanges, trainings, seminars, voluntary projects etc.)
• To contribute to capacity building of other organisations by doing “peer reviews”;
• To deepen knowledge on EYF and Erasmus + programs, other European and national funding opportunities and to find potential partners for applications.
Within a framework of this project a co-working platform will be created for more effective capacity building - sharing an experience and getting actual knowledge, realization of the joined projects and grants applications.
The group will consist of 26 people from 20 organisations, which seems to be an optimal number of participants for the effective brainstorming and group activities.
A non-formal manner of activities and beautiful views of the region should additionally motivate participants to feel free-and-easy and be actively involved in workshops.
Choosing Armenia as hosting country, current trends in public sector, which are rather fast-growing in the country, were taken into account. Thus, cognitive meetings with representatives of some successful formal and non-formal initiatives will give an additional opportunity of getting acquainted with their experience. Moreover, they will collaborate with professionals at place on developing real solutions related to introduced issues.

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Contact person: Igor Novitckii


Mobile: +7-988-334-17-17

Project overview

“Social Diplomacy –mind mapping opportunities” is a project by
Falcogroup (International Center for Research and Social Diplomacy)
taking place
from 2015-09-18 till 2015-09-26
This project relates to:
Strategic Partnerships, Capacity Building
and is focusing on:
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Non-formal learning
  • Social media

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