Sense of the nature as a Sense of initiative - ECO entrepreneurship

Approved for funding YE will bring together 35 young people from 7 different countries, who will share experience, ideas and knowledge in the wild.

The main activity of the project is the organizing a youth mobility, which in the context of the project "Through nature to initiative - ECO entrepreneurship" is a trusted space in which participants experiment and provoke their boundaries in order to gain real experience in a multicultural environment, and to develop skills, competences and enhance their knowledge through informal learning methods while co-living with young people from other nationalities.
The actual exchange is divided into thematic days. Intermediate methods such as trainings, discussion seminars, workshops, group-making games, etc. will achieve the goal of all the days.
Day 1 - Arriving and programme introduction (Batulia village): Each participating organization will present itself. The guest participants will be welcomed according to the Bulgarian customs. A common group game ("Secret Agent") will be introduced that is suitable for large cohabiting groups. An initial questionnaire will be conducted.
Day 2 - Group dynamic and green team work (Batulia Village): Young people will participate in games that will help bring the group together. There will also be an outdoor game (simulation) that requires combinability and spatial thinking ("Save the Captain").
Day 3 - settlement and topic introduction (the mountainous part of the village of Rebrovo): After the transition to the mountain, the young people will have to assemble the camp themselves for the nights and exchange activities. The game "Masked climber" will be introduced to get to know the other. Skill games will be organized. There will be a discussion seminar introducing the topic of the project.
Day 4 - establishing a sustainable ECO organization (mountainous part of the village of Rebrovo): A discussion seminar will be organized introducing the theme of creating an eco-friendly organization in nature. A workshop will be held in which the participants will have to create their concept of a successful ECO organization. The young people will participate in group games, through which they will learn useful information about the environment and make eco-friendly decisions.
Day 5 - Improving your personal skills in the wild nature (mountainous part of the village of Rebrovo): A workshop will be held introducing the topic of the competences, skills and knowledge needed for becoming a “green” leader. Games for group decisions and teamwork will be held. Training will be organized to learn wildlife survival skills.
Day 6 - using the resources and reusing the waste (mountainous part of the village of Rebrovo): A workshop on the use of natural resources (eco-friendly lunch) will be held and group games of skill and quizzes will be held. Another workshop will be conducted for reusing the waste and turn it into useful objects.
Day 7 - critical thinking and media literacy (mountainous part of the village of Rebrovo): A discussion seminar will be conducted introducing the topic of environmental responsibility as a pro-social activity. A critical thinking workshop will be organized. Participants will be involved in racing and role-playing games
Day 8 - social inciative and reaching out to marginalised young people (Ribrovo village): In the morning, the youth will gather camp and walk to the village. Participants will then organize an eco-initiative in the village, according to a survey done by indicating the residents’ needs. Young people from the region will be invited to dinner to share their experiences.
Day 9 - Presentation, lerning by the positive example and conslusion (Svoge): The participants will prepare a presentation and present the project in the municipality of Svoge. They will visit an eco organization in the area. A discussion seminar will be held summarizing the topics of the project. Opportunities for future joint initiatives will be discussed. A final poll will be held.

The target group of exchange’s participants is identified as active young people between the ages of 19 and 29 from 7 countries, who are eager to develop a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and are also interested in the environmental theme. One of the criteria for selecting participants are youngsters from remote areas and countries with different climatic characteristics and natural resources.
The project activities will be implemented by 28 young people, along with 7 group leaders. Through the diverse structure of the participants, the aim is to achieve a real model that has the potential to be applied in all regions of Europe. The project will provide participants with the opportunity to develop their personal potential, connecting in an innovative way two of the important topics relevant to the development of a community - ecology and entrepreneurship.

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