"Safe and sound"

Our programme deals with a very actual topic, the security. We examine what we can do for our own, our family or our community safety.

Our programme deals with a very hot topic, the security. The questions that we ask the young people:
• What the security means for them?
• Do they feel safe?
• What defines their sense of security?
• Which is more important for them: public safety, financial security or emotional security?
• The conflicts are going on around the world how influenced their security expectations?
We examine what we can do for our own, our family or our community safety. The meeting focuses on topics we care about most nowadays, such as cyber crimes, terrorism.
We can get an insight into police work, we can see the difference between the reality and our imagination. During the programme the participant can learn first-aid skills. In the games they become detectives.
The meeting will take place in Berettyóújfalu. During the nine-day programme the young people, coming from 5 countries (5 young people, 1 leader), learn new skills using non-formal education methods, gain useful experiences and new friends.

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Contact person: Norbert Petrovánszki


Phone: +36203908269

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"Safe and sound" is a project by
Speak UP Association
taking place
from 2017-08-25 till 2017-09-02
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