Rythm Of Life

KA 105 Action - 4 Partners - 40 Participants - 10 Days - International Youth Exchange

Between the dates 20-30.05.2015 we are organizing a youth exchange with a theme of theatral arts and dance. Taking place in Turkey, Ak├žakoca our project will develop social harmony among youngsters while fostering their unconcious developments in the areas such as international dialogue, self-observation, expressing self in a common language, presenting skills in arts and breaking prejuiduces about national differences. In this 9 day action we prepared an energetic weekly schedule which will be led by professional facilitator. Touristic rides and artistic shows will support this interaction. During cultural nights each country group will present their culture by serving national food & drinks and traditional dances.

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Contact person: Aylin Elif ┼×ahin


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Project overview

Rythm Of Life is a project by
Organisation Time
taking place
from 2015-09-04 till 2015-09-14
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges
and is focusing on:
  • Art
  • Conflict management
  • Dance
  • Drama and theatre
  • Environment
  • Human rights
  • Music
  • Non-formal learning

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