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The main goal of the project is to use sport as – A Tool for Social and Emotional Development.

Sport activities for Social and Emotional Development.
The main goal of the project is to use sport as – A Tool for Social and Emotional Development. Health is a prerequisite for any educational and professional achievements .
Social-emotional learning through sport activities teaches students life skills, how to deal with oneself, other relationships, and how to deal with their emotions in a productive manner. Accountability, positive anger expression, integrity, self-determination, and visionary goal setting are important in this project values that address youth development and are natural lessons learned in a sport environment.
Another important social tool that is naturally taught through sport is relationship building. Interact with students in different grades, different classes, and most importantly from different nationalities and cultures. Students are taught to respect each other during sport practices and this usually spills out into the halls during the day and after school, which is uncommon, in these notoriously chaotic and threatening environments.
The main problem nowadays is a reduction in passive activities such as watching TV or computer game. Participating in a sports club challenges children to take initiative and to plan, carry through, and achieve a valued goal. Sports club participation exposes children to cooperation with other children in a team, which may make them better team players also in other situations in life and, thus, may explain the reduction in peer problems. Doing sports in a club comes often along with participation in competitions. Victory in competition may raise children's self-esteem while defeat, despite eventual negative effects on children’s self-esteem, may teach them how to deal with such a situation. Sports activities may influence skill formation and disentangle the various channels through which the effect may work.
Sports is not an activity that should only be encouraged in the naturally competitive and talented. The impact it has on the holistic development of a child is immeasurable, not only for their health but also their social and emotional wellbeing.In many ways, the importance of academic achievement out positions sports in order of priority, meaning only those with a deep connection to sports benefit from the holistic development opportunities.
Sport teaches good sportsmanship. A child learns to follow the rules, act honourably towards fellow players, and develop a good sense of team spirit. These qualities are critical for children to develop in order to prepare them for the world outside of education. With these skills, they will be more resilient to setbacks and determined to achieve goals – qualities employers value.
In addition cooperation, compassion, and inclusive behaviour are skills nurtured through sports, often without a child’s realisation. Nurturing a child’s social and emotional competencies while they are young will support them throughout their life, whatever the future may hold. Sports is one of the way this can be done.

exemplary activities :
 Each country – participant in the project to represent one or some traditional sport game which is popular in their country or region. It can be a description or a video /short/ which shows the way and the rules they follow during the game.
 To organize a Kind of sport event with a motto : “Be Active”. The aim is to involve the students and family members in different sport games, races, relays.
 To share different sport skills during students exchange visits.

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