Neither with it, nor without it

The topic of our Youth Exchange is the nowadays more and more popular virtual social life.

Because of the rapid development of technology the young people’s leisure activities and social interactions have radically. The main majority of young people are a part of some kind of "artificial world" organised by the world wide web. During our project the youth will discuss the inescapable fact of the most influential media, its opportunities, threats and their extensive use. They will also examine that how can the usage of Internet and media define their and their generation’s lifestyle, values, culture of entertainment and worldview.

During the ten days of the exchange the young people will process many topics - in the frame of non-formal education - which have an impact to their generation’s life. Through the different workshops the youngsters will have the opportunity to share their experiences and opinions. Our goals are to motivate young people to be active and to have their own opinions. In this way the can became a European citizen who are able to think responsibly

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Contact person: Csaba Brutóczki


Phone: +36305109673

Project overview

Neither with it, nor without it is a project by
Nyugattól Keletre Egyesület
taking place
from 2014-08-25 till 2014-09-01
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Action 1.1 (Youth Exchanges)

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