More Ethical Teaching, More Effective Learning

Ethics is the key word of teaching. In the teaching process, ethical awareness of teachers could help students learn better and  protect self identity

Ethics is the key word of teaching. Teachers do their best in order to be a good ethical model in class. As most philosophers and thinkers assert that ethics is a grey area in human communication that increases quality and sensitivity. In the teaching process, ethical awareness of teachers could help students learn better and  protect self identity. Other words, teachers' who try to be sensitive about ethics, intrinsically feel themselves responsible for students' learning. Not only easy learners and advantaged students but also whole students could learn something by the help of ethically responsible teachers.

Goals of the project:

-try to build a strong relationship between ethics and teaching.
-define ethical behaviour of teachers in the school.
-compare and contrast ethic codes of teachers cross culturally.
-investigate behaviours that violate ethics in schools.
-find ways to reach common ethical structure or codes for teachers to cross culturally.

Duzce University is a public body to serve higher education all over Turkey and the world. Different branches of expertise and profession are available for students after high schools and centrally organised entrance exams could be achieved in order to be accepted.
The Faculty of Education is one of the educational units of university that serve pedagogy and social courses to students and adults. After graduation of educational faculty, students have the right to apply to the ministry of education to teach at schools. The faculty also serve courses for adults postgraduate education about pedagogy in terms of professional development. The issues such as teacher training, principal development, methods of instruction, student achievement, online education, sociology and psychology of education, school-parent relation are basically subjects that students and adults apply for education. Online education is an essential topic after Covid 19 and universities try to enhance their capacity to appeal students' needs and expectations via technology. Methods of online education, improving feedback, supporting teachers, providing technological capacities, evaluation of online education, tools of online education etc. are the main issues that are popularly discussed recently.

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Project overview

More Ethical Teaching, More Effective Learning is a project by
Social Sciences
taking place
from 2021-06-13 till 2023-06-13
This project relates to:
Strategic Partnerships
and is focusing on:
  • Children
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Human rights
  • Integration
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Leadership
  • Sustainable development

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