Let's MOViE

Target group: young people aged between 14 – 19 years old.

Call: We are looking for partners that are genuinely interested in the topic, have the necessary experience and abilities to become involved in the project activities and to propose new activities, are eager to learn and to bring an added value to the project. If the aforementioned suit your profile and you are up for collaboration, please send an email to our address.
Introductory Paragraph: In a world in which young people are exposed from an early age to audio-visual products, films represent a source of information and an instrument for learning. The project proposes the use of films (e.g. documentary films) as interdisciplinary work methodology to be applied in schools with young people. Such an alternative educational methodology supports the personal and professional development and it fosters their civic engagement at local, national and European level.
General Aim: Our project’s aim at introducing film as an educational methodological and interdisciplinary tool in school and using films to educate young people on various contemporary societal realities.
General Objectives:
1. Develop an educational kit for teachers and agree with the teachers to apply this kit for at least two years after the project.
2. Create synergies between non-formal/ alternative and formal education by introducing film in schools as learning tools.
3. Raise young people awareness regarding the importance of being active citizens.
4. Build and edify young people’s knowledge on societal contemporary realities by employing films.
Issues: Limited access of young people to initiatives dedicated to increase their critical thinking on the world; Young people do not practice debating in schools and become used to avoid discussing on topics of importance for them and society as a whole.
1. Need to stimulate young people’s critical thinking, artistic sense and capability to express freely; the need to work with young people at developing their autonomy of thought;
2. The need to attract young people attention by using up-to-date methods that keep their attention awake;
3. Combat functional illiteracy;
4. Stimulate active citizenship and participation through films.
1. Youth Mobility – organize a youth exchange where 6 participants from each partner country learn about the project related topic
2. European Week of Film – organize workshops in high schools with the pupils – watch movies on important subjects in the field of human rights, climate change, consumerism, inclusion, etc.; debate; become involved in activities of reflection;
3. Educational Kit for Teachers – The kit contains movies that teachers can access, guidance to organize workshops at their turn with their students – this activity extends in time and can register medium and long-term impact
4. Facebook Platform – develop on our activities, post pictures, initiatives, films and keep posting on this page. The aim is to increase number of members in time and keep the platform going as a space for interaction, creativity, initiatives and inspiration.

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Let's MOViE is a project by
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from 2022-04-01 till 2023-03-31
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