Lead Yourself To Leadership

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- Project title : Lead Yourself To Leadership
- The training venue : Morocco (Agadir)
- When? : 1-7 January 2022
- N° of Participants : (2pax per country) 28 participants in the total

Is a Mobility for Youth Workers is a KA153 training course that aims to help participants understand the fundamentals of leadership, strengthening their understanding of its key concepts and understanding their own leadership style ; focus primarily on key competences for active participation in youth work; work with participants to self-reflection and boost self-awareness and self-development by helping them to truly understand what it takes to be a leader; use experience gained from previous work on international projects and work with local organizations; Build a solid base and aware of the basic principles of leadership ; train participants about the positive effects and benefits of promoting an inclusive and diverse environment, targeting different groups in society.

We are looking for 12 partners from programme and partner countries that are working on the leadership and active citizenship themes

-Please Send your PIF to the above mentioned email and if you would like to be the applicant organisation of our project.

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Project overview

Lead Yourself To Leadership is a project by
Youth Citizens Without Borders
taking place
from 2021-08-01 till 2022-08-01
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Training and Networking

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