Improving Digital Resources for Youth Workers

We're looking for partners from the Czech Republic and Poland to apply for the Visegrad grant for our digital capacity building project.

In this ever-growing digital age, demand for distant learning is rapidly increasing. The COVID-19 outbreak proved that many countries still lack online educational resources in the digitalized world. Therefore, digital transformation in the educational sector is a necessary means of survival as this new digital world requires educators to adapt and adopt digital technologies, methodologies, and mindsets. Most of the youth organizations do not have enough capacity and online resources to equip their members with demanded skills and knowledge remotely. Although some of them try to conduct online meetings and webinars during the coronavirus crisis, there is a serious lack of expertise in informal online education which underestimates efficiency and effectiveness of the professional development of the youth workers and youth organisations. Our project is aimed at cooperating with experienced youth organizations of V4 countries to improve the capacity of youth organizations by using digital tools. Digital transformation is a physical and philosophical change designed to meet the ever-growing demands of modern youth and creating a learning environment where everything connects.

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We're looking for:
2 more partners
from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia
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Contact person: Ordukhan Gahramanzade


Phone: +994514769001

Project overview

Improving Digital Resources for Youth Workers is a project by
"Erasmus Student Network - Azerbaijan" public union
taking place
from 2021-01 till 2022-01
This project relates to:
Training and Networking, Capacity Building
and is focusing on:
  • Coach for Youth Initiative
  • Innovation
  • Non-formal learning

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