Illegal dumpsite clean up

Cleaning the environment in this protected area will secure much safer place for wildlife, locals, visitors and cleaner water.

Activity is needed to secure cleaner environment and water for this Nature Park and vast area around it (due to karst characteristics the water from this Park travels underground to all area around it). Cleaning the illegal dumps will help secure less toxins and waste to be dissolved into water, securing cleaner drinking areas in the Park and beyond it's border for people, animals and wildlife. Also, local population and visitors will thus have a cleaner and safer environment for living and recreation. Participants and employees of the Park will be cleaning illegal dumping areas from municipal solid waste (paper, plastic, metal) in the forest (the activities will only be performed in the forest on safe areas). Organizing the clean up and removing the trash from the environment will be done by using safe gloves and rakes while collecting waste into containers to be safely removed to the nearest city's recycling area with the van or by public utility company. Before this activity, the employees will give the volunteers the theoretical knowledge about waste separation, recycling and re-usage of materials, and also some practical examples on how this can be managed.

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Project overview

Illegal dumpsite clean up is a project by
"┼Żumberak - Samoborsko gorje" Nature Park
taking place
from 2022-08-22 till 2022-09-12
This project relates to:
Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
and is focusing on:
  • Environment
  • EVS volunteer wanted
  • Health
  • Non-formal learning
  • Urban/rural development
  • Volunteering

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