Habitat conservation

Habitat conservation is important in maintaining biodiversity and saving endangered habitats and species.

Due to lack of people, the biodiversity visible in the landscape is changing drastically and grasslands, orchards, vineyards and arable land which were once not only used by locals, but wildlife, also are slowly disappearing (especially in the central part of ┼Żumberak). This negatively impacts many endangered species of flora and fauna found on those habitats, which are protected on the European level. The PI maintains most of valuable habitats (ponds, grasslands) but with the help of the volunteers it will expand it's work to a larger area. Conserving old rural ponds and mountain grasslands, this activity will provide more cleaned and maintained ponds in rural area for watering livestock which will help the locals in more sustainable agriculture. Cleaning the bushes and shrubs from the grassland area, we will keep the forest within it's boundaries and the cattle will have more more natural resource to graze (which will help the locals with lower economic income to use the natural resources instead of buying food for cattle and directly further maintain the grassland). Conservation of local fens is important as they are natural purifiers of local water supplies that the locals use. Volunteers will be acquainted with the work of the Nature Park and it's employees, they will get a general perspective of the area and learn about the importance of the habitats, wildlife, local population in the NP and how the activity is connected to sustainability, ecology, conservation and management. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the work and management plan of the Nature Park, they will learn about biodiversity, sustainability, habitats, protected wildlife and means of their protection and conservation. They will also learn practical and correct steps in performing these activities which have a positive effect on nature conservation and ecology and sustainability. Also, doing this activity, they will also gain the knowledge how this helps the local community in their everyday life and will get a sense of accomplishment and see the positive consequences of their activities. This activity will also be done using digital tools, using presentations and video materials for deeper understanding and better skills and examples when they return home.

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Project overview

Habitat conservation is a project by
"┼Żumberak - Samoborsko gorje" Nature Park
taking place
from 2022-06-24 till 2022-07-15
This project relates to:
Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
and is focusing on:
  • Environment
  • EVS volunteer wanted
  • Non-formal learning
  • Urban/rural development
  • Volunteering

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