Grassroots Volunteer Vacations in Uganda

Do something different and get inspired by travelling and making a change.

The children who spend time and have their schooling at Hope Children’s Academy and Children’s Centre in Kasala are in need of love, care and affection which local staff is often too busy to offer them on an individual basis.

Your work at the centre will provide these orphaned and vulnerable children with the attention and mental stimulation that all children need to develop healthy social skills and self-confidence. Your work at the centre can make a large impact on both you and the orphans themselves. We recommend coming for four weeks or more if you are to make a great impact on the lives of these children.

There is a possibility for our volunteers to work in every and any aspect of the children’s centre; whether it is teaching the children and helping them with their homework, playing a game of tag or by simply sharing your time, experiences and knowledge with them you are making a difference in their lives.

The voracious need these orphans have to seek and learn about any subject matter – sports, music, or farming – is both awe-inspiring and humbling. Volunteering at our children’s centre in Kasala village will give you an intimate insight into a new and exciting world. A world where childcare is a privilege and a gift, where orphans who have nothing will share whatever they can with a complete stranger, and where you can change the lives of people and children just by being yourself.

Beacon of Hope Uganda provides international volunteer with meaningful affordable placements in Uganda. Our programs include 1 week to 24 weeks placements all year round. We offer one of the most affordable program options and placements in orphanage, healthcare, HIV/AIDS, teaching English, women empowerment, construction and community development.

Volunteer work with Beacon of Hope Uganda gives you a rewarding travel experience that feeds your soul by knowing the Ugandan cultures and different ways of life across Uganda while giving a helping to communities and individuals in need.

For more information on how to help at Hope Children’s Academy e-mail us:

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