Euro-Med Kids

We provide a unique life experience that you will never forget. The opportunity to live in another part of the world experiencing a totally different culture.

Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation offers a proactive, musical and theatrical approach to empowering children and making us all aware that there is more to a person's character than what we see on the outside. It's a program that opens doors to understanding through inspirational songs, peer-to-peer influence and collaboration to resolve challenging issues and help create a better world for everyone. It’s a musical that was inspired and created.
We tour communities with our performances throughout the country every year, followed by a series of shows. The community performances are free and open to the general public but it is aim at raising funds for our happy children projects.
The cast is made up of ordinary children from our happy children homes, who’ve embraced this extraordinary responsibility to bring their own truths (and often their pain) to the surface through their characters on stage, all for the benefit of other children. They’ve devoted an incredible amount of time to the project and we’d like you to join us.
This a chance to confirm your passion for development issues.

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Contact person: Youth center for the study and democracy


Project overview

Euro-Med Kids is a project by
Youth center for the study and democracy
taking place
from 2018-04-12 till 2018-04-18
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges, Transnational Youth Initiatives
and is focusing on:
  • Children

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