Euro internship

The House of Europe with a consortium of 9 VET schools in our department aims to give the opportunity to youth in VET training to have an internship in Europe.

We are searching for partners in European countries willing to help us organize the internships for the young french.
We are expecting you to help us dealing with the accommodation management (find the accommodation, organize it), help with the local transportation, help finding a hosting place for he internship.

The young people we are going to send will have to make 2/3/4 max weeks internship. They are all in VET training, which means they have skills already. But they don't stay for long (max 4 weeks) and their level of English can be quite low.
We are searching for places ready to accept youth in internship like this.
It's unpaid internship as Erasmus+ is covering for most of the expenses.

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Contact person: Eline


General contact

Phone: +33243293834

Project overview

Euro internship is a project by
Maison de l'Europe Le Mans - Sarthe
taking place
from 2017-09-01 till 2020
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Training and Networking

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