Effective Usage Of Technology in Digital Teaching

KA226-SCH An innovative approach to solve the basic problems faced by students/teachers in online education

The problems faced with in online education
• Adaptability Struggle
• Technical Issues
• Computer Literacy
• Time Management
• Self-Motivation
Many students encounter serious challenges that prevent them from comlpeting thier courses and tasks online. Due to the Covid19, education system has to switch from traditional clasroom and face to face training to online computer based training which requires a virtual classroom making the learning experience entirely different for students . They have difficulty in adapting to learning in an online environment therefore they show resistance to this new system which requires more self discipline and motivation. During the pandemic period, traditional classroom management and course management period has to be adapted not only by students but also by teachers and families. Instead of listening and taking notes, online education and e-learning requires a new mindset and a new way of understanding. Among the difficulties being lack of computer literacy is a major issue among students today therefore our project aims to improve digital literacy of both students and teachers via innovative approaches.

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Project overview

Effective Usage Of Technology in Digital Teaching is a project by
Handan Hayrettin Yelkikanat Vocational HighSchool
taking place
from 2020-05-29 till 2023-05-28
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Strategic Partnerships
and is focusing on:
  • Innovation

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